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"There have been allotment gardens in Alton for many years and they make a valuable contribution to the community.  As well as the plotholders, many other people benefit - produce is given to families and many friends and, as green spaces within the built-up area, allotments benefit everyone.  Gardening is a health-promoting activity and it yields fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables which are free from excessive pesticides and have not been transported hundreds or even thousands of miles (food miles).


The Town Council works very closely with Alton Allotment Association and organises an annual allotment holders' competition." (Alton Town Council website 10th February 2016) The Alton Neighbourhood Plan, currently awaiting the outcome of a referendum, also supports allotments. "Policy CH7 therefore supports the provision of new allotments associated with housing development schemes.  Where a development proposal includes new allotments, this will be considered as a positive feature of that scheme." (Alton Neighbourhood Plan).



The function of the Allotment Advisory Sub Committee is to act as a consultative and advisory body to Alton Town Council on matters affecting the provision of allotments in the Parish.



The Sub Committee shall consist of two Councillors, up to five representatives of the Alton Allotment Association, to include site representatives, and two officers from the Council (Grounds manager & Allotments Officer).


1.        To advise on allotments provision, management, improvement and funding;


2.        To ensure that there are good channels of communication between tenants, the Alton Allotment Association and the Town Council and good channels of tenant /site representative communication;


3.        To assist in promoting awareness and best practice amongst all allotment sites;


4.        To work in conjunction with the Alton Allotment Association, to ensure mutual understanding and joint working;


5.        To review tenant rent charges each year, to ensure any rent increase is agreed with the Alton Allotment Association, and then notified to tenants by the end of December each year;


6        To identify any additional strategic budgetary requirements that may need to be borne by the Town Council;


7.        To monitor health & safety at allotment sites and ensure that there is a safe working environment for staff, tenants and visitors;


8.         To help develop the involvement of local schools to encourage children to become more actively involved in growing produce.

To see information on the Alton Town Council Open Spaces Committee, please click on the link:

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