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With more of us being mindful of our footprint on the planet, many of us are feeling the need to cut down on waste, particularly plastics. With this in mind we are looking at ways to share information that may be helpful in managing our plots in a more substainable way. There has also been a steady decline in what chemicals
can be bought or used in the environment, and other methods to control pests and diseases are being tried in a bid to combat these issues.

We didn't have quite enough room in our latest newsletter to offer some useful information (we believe), that you may wish to try on your allotment plot or garden.

Nematodes.  Chris Bird (our speaker at AGM) mentioned the use of nematodes to control slugs. (The RHS recently tested various other natural methods and found ‘beer traps’ the most successful.) He suggested that if you use nematodes for three years you develop your own natural community in the soil so don’t need to keep on buying them. As they are fairly expensive that is worth knowing.

Garlic.  You can make a garlic wash by either, blitzing a couple of garlic bulbs in a food processor with water to spray or use a watering can to water onto your precious plants, (not for soft fruit, or other plants that may take on the flavour!), you will have to do this on a regular basis to be effective, particulary after rain. Alternatively you can break the bulb and bruise the cloves, then heat gently and pour into a bottle once cool, leave for a couple of days and dilute with water before using. You can then top up the bottle a few times before discarding.

Protecting our birds many of us like to cover our produce when it is growing and ripening, please be careful to ensure that birds do not get trapped in nets and make sure they are properly secured.