About us

Alton Allotment Association was founded in 1994, originally to fight the development now known as Hermitage Close, which took half of the Borovere allotments site.  The Association was too late to save these 24 plots, many of which had been vacant for various reasons.

Around the year 2001, the Whitedown allotments site was also considered for development, but thanks to a concerted campaign, which included strong support from local residents and groups, Friends of the Earth, the Alton Society, the Natural History Society and others, the site was saved.

We have developed a good relationship with Alton Town Council.  Their Open Spaces Committee ( has responsibility for all the open spaces in the town including all allotment sites. The Association makes recommendations for improvements, some major, some minor, to this Committee, when they consider budgets for subsequent financial years.


1.    Aims to:-

  • Promote the interests of members in allotment gardening
  • Take joint actions, where appropriate, for the benefit of members
  • Negotiate with Alton Town Council and other landlords over use of land for allotment gardening, and to meet Council Officers on a regular basis
  • Take action to protect members against damage, trespass and theft
  • Obtain supplies of garden products, if practical, for the benefit of members
  • Arrange meetings, talks, demonstrations, competitions and social events, and to issue a newsletter at least three times a year
  • Collaborate, where appropriate, with other gardening associations
  • Set up and equip a team of volunteers to undertake general site maintenance, on a contract basis for the Council, for the benefit of the plotholders on Council allotment sites.

2.    Membership of the Association shall be open to all allotment gardeners in the Alton
       Other gardeners may also join.
3.    The Association shall charge a membership fee to members, payable on an annual
       basis and renewable on April 1st each year.  The fee level shall be determined by the
       Association Committee.
4.    The Secretary will have the discretion to charge a reduced fee when new members join
       late in the Association year.
5.    Members failing to renew their membership within four months of the start of the
       Association year, will cease to be recorded as members.
6.    Officers of the Association will be a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers
       will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Retiring officers will be eligible for re
       election, normally for a consecutive period not exceeding three years.
7.    The affairs of the Association will be conducted by a Committee of ten members,
       inclusive of the three officers.  The seven committee members will represent Whitedown
       (2 representatives), Borovere (2), and Spitalfields/Wooteys (3). The site representatives
       will be elected at the A.G.M.  A quorum at a committee meeting will be four members. 
       Casual vacancies can be filled by the committee and any member so appointed will hold
       committee membership until the A.G.M.
8.    Officers and Committee members must be association members and current allotment
       tenants.  Should they cease to be a plotholder, they must resign their position with the
9.    The Association Committee must meet at least three times a year.
10.  The A.G.M. will be held in March.  Ten members will form a quorum. At the meeting, the
       audited accounts and reports from the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be presented
       and elections will be held for Officers and committee members.  Special General
       Meetings can be held should at least ten members request this in writing to the
       Secretary.  No party political or sectarian discussions or resolutions will be permitted at
       an A.G.M.
11.  The Committee will open a bank account in the name of the Association and all monies
       received on behalf of the Association will be paid into the account. Cheques from the
       Association's General Fund will be signed by one out of three signatories.
12.  Separate accounts will be kept for income and expenditure on the site maintenance
       contract.  With permission from the committee, the Treasurer may choose to operate a
       separate bank account for the maintenance contract.
13.  Summaries of the Association's accounts will be posted at the A.G.M.  An auditor, who is
       not a member of the Committee, will be appointed to audit the full accounts and report to
       the A.G.M.
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